Finally! Finally! My bad gesso pot is empty. From now on, I will use only eco-friendly gesso, preferably homemade of course .You can find my experiments on Gessos part 1 & Gessos part 2 or skip that all to go straight to the recipe to make it yourself.

It took me long to empty the jar. Once I had made the decision to work in an eco-friendly way, it was hard to really see the non-eco-friendly materials as “waste” and therefore use them up. Gesso was one of them, but so was my acrylic paint. I had a lot of those little plastic tubes of acrylic paint in just as many colors. About the 100 euros worth of paint and I couldn’t bring myself to use it, although I realised that I would never buy it again and throwing it away was even worse that using it up.

Fortunately I found someone who was willing to take over my acrylic paint at a bargain price. A sweet lady who doesn’t have that much money to buy it all new, but was saving for it. She can move forward with it for a pretty long time.

This week I came across Creall on a website and their sustainability policy. Creall is children’s paint, so I want to be sure about the lightfastness. If that’s ok, I’ll be a happy person. Both their paint and packaging are environmentally friendly. Their glossy paint is based on PVA and the finger paint has a beautiful creamy consistency, covers well and dries to a beautiful matte velvet. 

There are now tests on my windowsill to test for lightfastness and I have sent an email to Creall with this question. I will tell you all about it in another blog post.