For the painting club in the De Bieslandhof nursing home in Delft, I want to have sustainable aprons made by the Stunt Foundation, an ANBI in Delft. ANBI is a public benefit institution and gives people who are at a distance from the labor market the opportunity to work.
To raise money, I sell paintings made from the residents’ used cardboard palette plates. You can find the paintings here
On April 14th I will be at the Swan Market on the Markt in Delft. Postcards of the paintings can also be purchased there. The cards are printed at Print Plezier (also an ANBI in Delft).

As from December 18th my work can be seen in the Kunstsuper in Delft.

Soap bubbles

My art is not only beautiful, but it also has a deeper meaning and purpose. It tells a story, offers an escape, and promotes a sustainable way of living.