About me, the artist

I’m Ingrid and I’m a self-taught artist, in other words, I taught myself everything. Although that is in fact not entirely correct, because I have done a few courses and workshops online and watched many YouTube videos. But I have not followed a real official education at an art academy.

I started at the age of 10 writing songs for the electronic organ and later for high school bands. I had a stubborn style, a bit cabaret-like. Much later I discovered classical music. I now have 3 symphonies to my name, the first of which was performed live by an orchestra in 2008. It was said at the time that it resembled film music, which I consider a great compliment. After finishinh my third symphony in 2014, I had the feeling that I could no longer surpass myself in music and I stopped doing it for a while.

In 2020 we had the Corona crisis and I made a virtue of necessity. I always wanted to learn to draw and paint and with everything in lockdown, the online workshops shot up like mushrooms, which I eagerly hooked up. 


With enough time and patient material, I’ve caught up a lot and was able to research what I liked and didn’t like. 

And here comes the first problem: I like everything! I therefore do not want to make a choice and focus on 1 medium, while there is still a world of other mediums. That is why one time you see a watercolor on canvas of me and the next time a mixed media piece. Just like in my music, I use everything to make my “vision” clear. I don’t shy away from going against the grain, and I always keep the welfare of the earth in mind.

I also love figuring things out, investigating. I already did that in music and now also in fine art. What is in paint, can I make it myself? Are there alternatives to polluting products like acrylic? Are materials reusable?

But also closer to art: what happens if I mix this color with that material? Every now and then I feel like a crazy professor with his powders and liquids and I have the greatest fun.

And now I combine fine art with music by discovering a new world.


Photo’s: Breedijk Fotografie