More waste disposal

Sometimes it’s just not so easy to use eco-friendly art supplies, but how can we be as eco-friendly as possible?

You can see my work in Kunstsuper Delft


You can see my work in Kunstsuper Delft As of today, my work can be admired in the Kunstsuper in Delft at St. Agathaplein.   Over the next few months I will be showing a varied selection of what I do: a canvas made from non-recyclable clothing, four beautifully framed paintings made with shellac ink […]


It’s getting more difficult to see the forest from the trees when it comes to Bioplatics

Waste processing

How can we dispose our microplastics in rinse water in a better way?


Sometimes I’m in two minds when it comes to certain things. Similarly with white pigments. It’s one to take a closer look at.