Sometimes I’m in two minds when it comes to certain things. Similarly with white pigments. It’s one to take a closer look at.

Chips- and snacks bags

So it is possible to recycle chips bags, but, says the recycling company itself, it is not easy. I will be helping to upcycle chip bags by making art on them.

Scams on Instagram

There are predators online lurking to trick you. They are also becoming more savvy.

Shocking discovery!

It’s eco-friendly, yes, oh no not, or is it? no! How one can’t see the wood for the trees anymore.

Extended playtime

Besides working with gouache and watercolor, I have found something else that seems very interesting to me: painting with cold wax.


Playtime Finally! Finally! My bad gesso pot is empty. From now on, I will use only eco-friendly gesso, preferably homemade of course .You can find my experiments on Gessos part 1 & Gessos part 2 or skip that all to go straight to the recipe to make it yourself. It took me long to empty the jar. Once I had made […]