Wasteland #8


Mixed media painting in a shadowbox of cardstock 23,5cm x 19,1cm x 2cm
This piece of art has a start with waste (single-use plastics). Except for the acrylic binder in the first step, all materials are eco-friendly.


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This piece of art has a start with waste – single use plastic packagings to be precise. For this part I’ve used an acrylic binder because I needed to glue the plastics to the surface. The packagings give the painting lots of structure and relief. Other than that, I’ve used old newspapers and lots of wallpaper glue to get a good surface to work with. After that I started the colours, in this case watercolour, gouache and colored indian ink, the purple is a left over acrylic ink, which I’ve labeled as waste (see my blog post about earlier bought supplies). The painting has many layers and as much drying times. In the cardstock shadowbox, also handmade, this painting can show its textured glory without being afraid to be squashed.
The work is protected with beeswax and that’s been polished for a little shine as finishing touch.