This story is part of my travel journal to which you can subscribe (see below this page). Exceptionally, I will post this one on my blog as an introduction to a new series of paintings that I will present on January 23.

Over the threshold

I opened the front door and was surprised by a thick pack of snow. Nothing is as nice as walking in fresh snow, but with every step I took, the feeling grew that something was wrong. I looked up at the sky and it was all pink and purple.What was going on?

I looked back and noticed my street was gone. Panic set in, where was I supposed to go now? A little further on I saw a kind of cave where a cozy fire was burning. There was someone.

He said, “Good day Ingrid, my name is Nostradamus. Quickly come and warm yourself by the fire.” Eh? Nostradamus? That medieval Frenchman with all those vague prophecies? “I understand your confusion,” Nostradamus said, “everything is different from when you left your house. This is what the Earth will look like in 3797 if nothing is done in your year.” “But… huh? The Earth is… was warming up, right? It’s freaking cold outside!” I yelled hysterically. Nostradamus nodded in concern. “The Earth did warm up, way too much. People died from drought, but also from floods and starvation because crops failed. Mother Earth was angry and ultimately ensured that all humans were wiped out.” “Now I have to admit,” Notdradamus continues,”that I didn’t have such a high opinion of mankind. If it were to disappear, the Earth would be fine again, I thought, but alas…” he pointed to outside with his hand. “Due to the sudden low greenhouse gasses, the Earth’s temperature has dropped too much and now all life is almost completely impossible.”

Nostradamus looked sad up to me. “I wanted to make one more attempt to save the Earth, by bringing you here and being my eyewitness to what’s about to happen to our beautiful world. But because of that, I can’t go back to my time, not without your help.” “What can I do?” I asked

Well,” began Nostradamus, “the magic is in prayer and intention. I’ve already tried on my own, but I’m not strong enough.” How I longed to go home. So we’ve prayed and I was thinking of my own house and a deep desire to go back to it.

And then….a flash!

I was suddenly back at the front door, ready to go outside. Carefully I opened the door and first looked at the sky. Just gray, as so often. This was 2023. But what now? Nostradamus was very clear that something had to be done NOW to save us and the Earth. I decided to start with myself first and see what I actually did against all the pollution and although it is difficult to turn the tide, hopefully you will do something about it too. Because on my own I’m not strong enough, but many little actions make intentions magical.